I advise creatives and brands, so both can thrive in today’s changing world.


I come with over 20 years experience redesigning and repositioning some of the world’s biggest and most well-loved brands.

Business advice for creatives.
Creative talent for businesses.




I work with creative agencies and individuals on business and growth planning. This includes agency reviews and repositioning, new business strategy, project forecasting, client relationship assessments, team mentoring, ways of working and pitching best-practice.






I bring together lean and compatible teams of creative specialists to solve brand challenges for clients. We pride ourselves on being agile and multi-disciplined without the heavy overheads of a traditional or large full-service agency.

I offer a new model of creativity.




Many talented creatives are going it alone, working for themselves or in loose teams.


But the best don’t always get noticed. Raising ones profile, sharpening an offer or winning business is challenging.


And the shame of it is many brands are losing out on working with amazing, undiscovered talent.

So if you are a creative looking to grow a business,

an agency wanting a sharper edge or a brand-owner

wanting a bespoke service I might be able to help.




“Nick has helped us look at our business with fresh eyes and put in place a plan for how we can grow. It’s been a really inspiring process. He balances a natural creativity with a fantastic understanding of brands and business. We’ve even enjoyed the benefit of his address book working on some amazing creative projects together from Winsor & Newton to Brittany Ferries. It has been a really rewarding process working with Nick – he’s been 100% part of our team, a true Yawner”

Charlotte Robson, Co-Owner at Yawn Creative


“Nick has been a fantastic catalyst for better business at our consultancy. From offering an ‘out of woods’ fresh perspective on our positioning to deep experience in creative business methodology and best practice. He really has a wealth of experience to share. On top of that he’s a pretty nice guy too, so even a chat over a coffee will make you feel better and more inspired for your business”

Thomas Herman, Director, Path


“Nick has been a great asset to B&G, working with us to expand our portfolio and focus our core offer, helping us to branch into new areas. His knowledge and understanding of the industry is impressive and he brings with that new perspectives to help grow the business…a refreshing find that you rarely find in one person. Always calm and relaxed, Nick is a pleasure to work with and the input he gives in helping us plan for the future is invaluable.”

Sarah Teasdale, Managing Director, Butcher & Gundersen




NICK GRAY – Director




T: +44(0) 7966 008 773

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