A refreshing new Mary

A refreshing new Mary

How many Mary’s can you name?

Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Berry, Mary Quant, Mary Shelley, Mary Magdalene, The Virgin Mary, Mary Poppins. Mary, Mary, quite contrary. All pretty traditional right?

I had to really scratch my head to think of a cool, funky, modern Mary. Actually I had to resort to Google. 14 year old YouTuber Mary from Lifewithbrothers and Mary Sergi a 17 year old Instragammer with 50K followers was all I found.

So it’s a brave man that calls his brand Mary.

But you know what, new low alcohol botanical blend Mary is anything but traditional or boring. Riding high on the No and Lo alcohol trend it has a light touch of alcohol at 6% and a down to earth infusion of garden herbs (basil, thyme & sage).

It comes in a playful frosted bell-shaped bottle that gives the light green liquid a fresh, inviting appearance. A nod to gin but a signal that this is something different.

It’s uses simple direct print with a glow of yellow sunshine for a sparkle of refreshment. And its gold blocked foot label anchors it as a quality product.

The brainchild of @EricSampers, previously of Pernod Ricard. Mary is a spirit for our age. It embraces the past but with a modern twist (how many times have you heard that!).

But whilst so many others strive to be different, ironically they end up sounding the same. But not Mary.

Where others talk of exotic climes and botanicals to match – Mary is comfortable talking of garden herbs.

Where others labour their stories – Mary’s is clean and simple.

Where others over embellish their bottles in a craft arms-race – Mary is stripped back and confident.

But most importantly where others give you either full throttle 49% or no alcohol at all – Mary sits somewhere in the middle.

Extremes were never good. Especially in alcohol. Mary proves that a light touch of alcohol can be cool, modern and confident.

How very sensible. How very refreshing. How very Mary.

This is an impartial review. 

All photography taken at Mr Gray’s Drinks Cabinet.

And all herbs from my garden.

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